bni groups are locally focused networking, referral and word of mouth marketing organizations. When joining a bni group, you are specifically joining a specific local chapter. The groups only allow one member from every profession in a chapter, so there is a lot of competition for referrals with members of other chapters. In a nutshell, the bigger your professional network, the more trusted referrals you will get.

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Relationship between bni Groups and Local Chamber of Commerce

BNI groups and local chamber of commerce have a very positive synergic relationship. The two are not in completion. You can join both BNI and local chamber of commerce. Chamber of commerce allows multiple representatives from same profession, so you can network with colleagues. Chamber of commerce and BNI leadership raise your credibility and visibility in the community through networking and referral. Chambers of Commerce host numerous social event and trade shows as well as mixers. BNI directors offer networking training to local chambers of commerce members. Any BNI group is allowed to join chamber of commerce as a group.

BNI Groups and Local Chamber of Commerce Mode of Operation

BNI and chamber of commerce have a very positive symbiotic and synergic relationship. They can work very effectively together. Sometimes BNI member can talk to the chamber of commerce and the chamber feels uneasy that BNI is somehow competing with them. It is advisable for bni members to join the local chamber of commerce, since it is great way for them to create visibility in the community. In addition to joining BNI, you should consider diversifying your network by joining the local chamber of commerce. The local chamber of commerce offers a broad membership base, but often within a defined region. Depending on the nature of your business, BNI and local chamber of commerce can be significant to you as a local salesperson or business owner.

BNI Groups and Local Chamber of Commerce Activities

Chamber of commerce and BNI have a number of activities designed to boost networking and offer local business people an opportunity to connect professionally and socially. BNI and chamber sponsor events which zero-in referral and assist in generating leads to local business owners and salespersons. BNI stretches it wings broadly, but mainly on the local market place. When you become part of BNI family, you are setting a major commitment. For instance, there are weekly meeting people are required to attend for about 90 minutes. Similarly, local chambers of commerce have from business after hour events to annual gatherings, breakfast meetings and networking luncheon among others. You can network day and night and get zero benefit out of it. Simply collecting hundreds of business card will not help ignite explosive growth. With BNI, if you network the right way, it might be the only form of marketing you will ever do.

The concept of BNI and chamber of commerce is to network with other professional groups to teach each other regarding their business or industry to ensure that they are able to communicate the recommendation. Both BNI and chamber alliances will be local first and, ideally, national after a successful campaign. Usually, the rewards for networking do not happen overnight. Therefore members must devote a few months for networking to take effect.